Home Loan Check

Would you like a better home loan rate? Yes No

Do you pay monthly account fees on your mortgage? Yes No Unsure

Would you like to consolidate all your debits into one easy repayment? Yes No

Has your mortgage got redraw facilities? Yes No Unsure

Do you have a

- Housing Loan? Yes No Monthly Repay

- Car Loan? Yes No Monthly Repay

- Personal Loan? Yes No Monthly Repay

- Store card? Yes No Monthly Repay

Would you like to reduce your monthly repayment amount to a more manageable figure? Yes No

Would you like to own your home sooner? Yes No

Do you know how to use your equity to invest in property? Yes No

Would you like to –

A. Go on an overseas holiday? Yes No

B. Improve your home? Yes No

C. Buy a new car? Yes No

D. Have funds for any worthwhile purpose? Yes No

Have you got defaults/credit impairments and are paying high interest rates? Yes No

Do you need help with defaults? Yes No



Phone number

If you answered Yes to 2 or more questions a representative will call back to discuss your financial options and offer you a free, no obligation home loan check.